Lyme Testimonials

~Testimonials for Bee Venom Therapy (BVT) & Bee – Acupuncture! ~ For Lyme Disease ~

Rev. Amber Rose, Ph.D., L.Ac.,LMSW:

On Tuesday, June 23rd, 1993 I was sitting in my own backyard …. feeling lonely and lost. I had been in a car accident in 1992 and hadn’t worked in a year due to residual pain. I finally looked up to the heavens and asked for a sign. At that very moment the phone rang. It was my sister calling from NYC. She recommended I look for a PT job. I went into the house and grabbed three copies of the Washington Post from the recycling bin. I was living in Bethesda, MD just outside of DC. I went through the want ads in Sunday and Monday papers. I circled a few jobs. BUT when I got to the paper for Tuesday, the 23rd, I never made it to the want ad section. I opened the paper and a photo jumped out at me from the Lifestyle section. It was a picture of a man holding the lifeless body of his wife. I knew in that instant… that whatever this story was about… I wanted to be part of it. Then I read the title of the article: HOPE STINGS ETERNAL. It was a story of a woman with MS, named Pat Wagner, who was stinging herself with bees. She had a marvelous recovery. Then I remembered that a woman I knew had mentioned that she was being stung by bees for MS and was feeling better. But when she mentioned it… it went in one ear and out the other. BUT now, since I had asked for a sign… I knew it was time to listen. After reading the article and looking at the photos, I realized that I was no longer looking for a PT job… I knew in my heart that I had found my FT mission…my LIFE’S WORK.I had found MY CALLING. The bees called my name and this time I listened. I am sure you have heard of the stories where people are dying and if they survive, they say that they saw their whole life pass in front of them? Well, in this case, I saw my whole future life pass in front of me. The very next day I was at Pat Wagner’s clinic. I got 3 bee stings on that day. The first one was a test sting… but it was left in the full 20 minutes. I was stung on my knee by a fellow named Mickey. He did not use ice… so it really burned. He took off his wristwatch and laid it on my knee. He said, “Check the time and if you aren’t dead in 20 minutes, let me know if you want any more stings.” Well. I was still alive in 20 minutes and asked him to do 2 bladder stings (in the pubic hair) since I had a terrible bladder infection that was not responding to Western meds. After those two extra stings, I felt a sense of euphoria and well-being that lasted 4 hours. On my way home, I stopped at the library to pick up some books on bees. While waiting in line, I started to feel faint… but the feeling passed… When I walked to my car… I realized that all of my bladder symptoms were gone. I looked at my watch and it was 3pm. In Chinese medicine the bladder goes with the time period 3-5pm. I knew for sure in that very moment that BVT and acupuncture were connected. I now bee-lieve that the bee sting was the first acupuncture needle. I went back to Pat’s clinic on Friday of that week and it was a total media circus after the Washington Post article had come out. Pat asked if I would open a clinic in my house in Bethesda. She was feeling burnt out and needed a break. I said YES, but I did not have any tweezers, handicapped ramp, or BEES. Within 2 weeks someone donated wood for the ramp, another person built the ramp, Mickey gave me 8 of his tweezers, and an MS patient donated an observation hive with 7,000 bees from Greg Ferris, the man who now makes the Bee Buddy. So I was ready to roll. That first week I had 50 patients arriving at my clinic M-W-F. I spent the next 4 years stinging people 3 xs a week. Three months after I started working with the bees I was invited to go to China with Charlie Mraz, some MDs, massage therapists, another acupuncturist, and some beekeepers. It was an amazing journey. Charlie even asked me to marry him… BUT that is a whole other story. I thank my lucky stars to have found the bees… they have saved my life in so many ways…you would not believe it…. This is just the beginning of my journey. I was lucky enough that Charlie gave me three of his best hives. We packed them up in his old station wagon with the goal of bringing them back to my home in Bethesda. Each healthy hive has about 120,000 bees.

Well…somehow the hives were not tightened properly and the bees got loose on that 10 hour car ride. When we returned to the car after stopping at a roadside bathroom, the entire windshield and car windows were covered with bees… It was like something out of Alfred Hitchcock. People were crowding around the car. This was definitely my initiation!!!. The brakes on the car were no good… so here I was driving this old car with Charlie in the passenger seat, gently brushing the bees off my face….And believe it or not… neither of us got any stings during those 10 hours….(I was wearing all white.) The next day we set up the hives and prepared to sting 50 people on almost no sleep. In the middle of the sting session, Charlie decided he wanted to clean out my observation hive! I was stinging people in the dining room, while Charlie was cleaning the observation hive in the kitchen. My son happened to be at the kitchen sink washing dishes… After Charlie cleaned out the hive… he went to pick it up by the top handle…but he had forgotten to close the alligator clips that held the top of the hive to the bottom. Well.. I ended up having 7,000 bees loose in my kitchen!!!! My son freaked out and ran downstairs…I told Charlie I needed to put on my bee suit to help him! Oh no, he said…If you are going to bee a bee keeper…You have to learn to deal with these emergencies…. and somehow deep inside me… this sentence came out of my mouth…”I have a right to my own comfort level.” So I got my bee suit. We retrieved most of the bees but some died in the florescent light in the ceiling So it you lose a bee or two… just remember this story….. My first tick bite came about one year after starting BVT for my pain/car accident. The tick had to be surgically removed it was so engorged. I was so lucky… I caught it early and kept stinging myself 3 xs a week…Then in 2006 I was re-infected…got my bulls eye and facial paralysis right away. I could not speak, swallow or eat. They started a PICC line to my heart right away…. I was hospitalized for one week…. and when I got home. I started up with BVT again 3 xs per week. I did not really know what I was doing… I just kept going with the bees and they have never failed me… I have been stinging myself 3xs a week at the beginning and as needed now for 22 years… and aside from my fractured L-4 vertebrae (from a car accident) and some eye problems now… I am Lyme free… My first tick bite was 1994 and my second in 2006.

Shirley McClurg ~ Kowalski :

For the first time in five years I HAVE HOPE! after researching every option and reading 18 CURRENT books on Lyme and 13 weeks consumed with anything Lyme. ((Over the top OCD consumed)) I made the choice to use BVT as it was through following Amber Rose that I discovered the most happiest Lyme people. So to me it was a no-brainer let’s try this! I’m out of my sick bed feeling like I might get my life back again and all from a little BEE! The idea of getting stung by a bee was a little scary but the idea of rotting away in my bed with a 13-year-old son that I still need to raise was even scarier! So with a lot of prayer I happily made this choice. BTV has already helped me with my speech impairments, brain fog and took away chronic ear aches, headaches & air hunger ~ all in my first week! Now in fifth week 60% less chronic joint pain and fatigue and I am sleeping sound. I have run 103 temps with over three sting sessions in the beginning. But ave made it to 10 stings in my fifth week! I will gladly take some scars or battle wounds as I like to call them in replacement of being bedridden. To be clear and fair to the process. I also changed my diet to no dairy, sugar or gluten. I also do not consume alcohol or coffee and detox faithfully. I listen to my body if it tells me to rest I rest. Maybe the whole combination just works for me. This is the best I have felt in five years all the changes together are working and I’m sticking with it faithfully! BEElieve It! #TakeThatLyme.I just realized that I’ve been off antibiotics for three weeks since I started BVT! Wow! And I’ve even lost 7 pounds! All I know is that I feel like a million bucks .

B. Young:

I’ve had Lyme now for 4 years. My symptoms have included extreme fatigue, extreme pain, dull constant pain, vision problems, weight gain, hair loss, Bell’s Palsy, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, cognitive problems, and more. I’m sure you all can relate. I could no longer work and went through my savings on treatment after treatment that didn’t do much at all. I was ready to give up. I even told my mom and my daughter that at some point they were going to have to let me go, I couldn’t continue living like this, I had no hope of ever getting better. Then one day in a Lyme group I saw someone mention the success they were having with Bee Venom Therapy. I’m not sure why that struck me as the way to go, especially since I had a severe phobia of bees. Maybe because it was so far out there that I thought “would they really be doing this if it didn’t work?” I know part of it was because it was so inexpensive. So I started looking into it. I didn’t find much. I found some research referenced by Dr. Klinghardt. I found a few comments on Lyme boards where people had been accidentally stung and wondered why their symptoms went away for a few days after. I think those seemingly innocuous posts convinced me, because they didn’t expect that the bee sting would help or even believe there was a connection.

It took me a month to find an apitherapist. During that time I thought about just going out into the garden and letting the bees have at me! I probably would’ve if I hadn’t been so afraid of them! Finally I went to my first appointment. I faced my fear and let the apitherapist sting me 6 times (later I found out that was too much). And it really wasn’t that bad! When I got home I was fatigued and felt like I had the flu. I read that this is common so I didn’t worry about it. Plus, the bee venom made me euphoric, so I didn’t really care. That evening my family was sitting outside and a friend came over. I thought, I’ll go sit outside with them for a bit. Usually the most I could sit without being able to only concentrate on the pain was 20-30 minutes, so they weren’t expecting me to sit with them long and neither was I. We were talking and laughing and the next thing I know my daughter said, “Mom, you’ve been out here for 3 hours!” I couldn’t believe it. My eyes immediately filled with tears and I realized. This is it! This is going to work! I sat with them for another 2 hours, then went across the street to my friend’s house and sat and talked and laughed some more. Laughter had been a stranger to me, so even that was a huge accomplishment! It was like a veil of gloom had lifted. No longer was I drowning in muddy water, I was alive again! There were some ups and downs of course. First there was the itching. For me it was almost intolerable, but luckily it only lasted a couple of weeks. A few weeks later there was the inevitable herx. Ugh! That was the worst herx I’ve ever had, but it was worth it. One year later I’m at about 85% of what I hope to be. I’m ready to work part time. I cook dinner without feeling like I’m going to die afterward. I even cooked our whole Thanksgiving meal by myself! Almost all of my symptoms have disappeared, and I don’t miss them one bit!

It hasn’t been the smoothest road to recovery, because with Lyme it never is. But with the help of my dear friend, Amber Rose, I got through the herxes and retracing and continue to see improvement. I can’t thank her enough for all the wisdom she has shared with me and the support she has given me through the rough patches.

These little bees are truly miracle workers. No two stories will be the same, but from what I’ve seen so far, we all end up in the same place, and that is the place of healing. Hopefully this inspires people that are on the fence. It’s the most effective and downright cheapest treatment I’ve done. Something I was so afraid of my whole life, ended up saving my life.

Nancy Lacantore Rauhofer:

It has been twenty years since I first learned about Bee Venom Therapy. I was at the library, searching for information on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), a new and mysterious disease that struck me like a thunderbolt on October 25, 1994. When I read that patients with Multiple Sclerosis were being treated with live honeybees, I was intrigued. I knew I had neurological, viral, bacterial, hormonal, visual, urinary and bowel symptoms, along with pain and profound fatigue that mimicked some MS symptoms and wondered if bee stings could also help me. At the time, I had been mostly housebound and bedridden for a year and a half and had lost faith in traditional medicine, but I had no idea where or who could help me with this therapy.

The answer to my prayers came a year later when I found a paper on the internet written by Dr. Theodore Cherbuliez titled: Bee Venom in Treatment of Chronic Diseases. He wrote that bee venom challenges the immune system to respond in chronic diseases. By changing the condition from chronic to acute, the immune system is given the opportunity to find equilibrium, allowing the body to heal itself. This made perfect sense to me. I always felt as if I had a perpetual flu, but I was never able to mount a fever. My body temperature fluctuated from being slightly above to slightly below body temperature — my immune system was stuck in the chronic mode! The paper also stated that bee venom was found to be effective in treating pain and fatigue, but it was not known if it was effective for CFS. I was not looking for a total cure, but some relief from the constant pain and some energy would be welcome indeed! When I read that he was a physician in New York State, I knew I had to find him.

Wishful thinking made me reach for my Westchester County phone book. Lo and behold! His office was just a few towns from where I live! I truly believe that unseen forces led me to him. Later on, I found out he was the president of the American Apitherapy Society, a non profit volunteer organization whose mission is to promote apitherapy, the medicinal use of honeybee products including raw honey, pollen, royal jelly, propolis and bee venom.

I received my first sting from Dr. Cherbuliez on February 15, 1997. During my one hour appointment, he took my medical history, and answered all my question about Bee Venom Therapy (BVT). He told me that I could have one test sting to make sure I was not allergic to bee venom and gave me a prescription for an EpiPen. He warned me to always have it nearby when I practice BVT at home along with some Benadryl since a small percentage of the population could go into anaphylactic shock when stung by a bee. He also told me to take 3,000mg of Vitamin C in divided doses daily. Bee venom stimulates the adrenal glands to produce cortisol without the undesirable effects of the synthetic form, so the body needs vitamin C for this to happen. After my first test sting, when he felt confident that I was not allergic, he told me that I was entitled to two more stings if I wished. I agreed, and he cooled the areas to be stung with a small metal can he kept in the freezer. Bees were buzzing in a jar as he demonstrated how to grasp one by the thorax, using long tweezers.

As soon as he placed the bee on my skin, the bee stung me. This time, he left each stinger in longer than the initial test sting to allow all the venom to be released, and gently removed them with tweezers after 15-20 minutes. As I made an appointment for the following week, he gave me his home telephone number in case I needed to get in touch with him. Now that’s a dedicated doctor, and all this for free! I went back the following week, and he told me that I could increase two more stings each time, so this time I chose to do five. As he was stinging me, the site of my first test sting from the prior week began to itch. I left his office with a jar full of bees and a copy of Amber Rose’s book, “Bee in Balance”. This book is considered a classic in the apitherapy community. It is the only one of its kind in the world that combines Bee Venom Therapy with acupuncture. Dr. Cherbuliez told me that stinging on acupuncture points boosts the effectiveness of bee venom. He called it BVT with a bang!

That evening I began to feel sick with a fever of 102F, and all eight areas that had been stung were hot and very swollen. I had read that this is a very desirable reaction called a “healing crisis” in holistic circles, or Herxheimer reaction in allopathic medicine. My immune system was finally waking up! I called Dr. Cherbuliez the next day. It was a Sunday, but he answered my call. He reassured me that this was a good indication that the bee venom would be effective for me. He also recommended that I take 3,000 mg of vitamin C in divided doses, one teaspoon of royal jelly, two teaspoons of pollen (softened overnight in a liquid for better absorption) and ten drops of propolis (aka Russian penicillin) daily for at least two years. By the next morning I felt much better and continued to sting on my own with the help of my husband who became my apitherapist. Dr. Cherbuliez had also given him a test sting to make sure he was not allergic in case of accidental stings. I noticed a pattern to my “healing crises”. I would sting in the morning, and feel sick by evening. This happened three or four times with the fever being lower each time. This knowledge gave me a sense of control. If I needed to, I could postpone stinging for a day or two. At first I did not know where to sting, but Amber’s book was there to guide me. She recommended to sting on the trunk of the body for the first month or two. I decided to sting on each side of my spine from my waist to shoulder height in order to get the venom in my central nervous system. Amber calls it stinging on the nerve meridians. I found this method to be very effective for me and it solved the problem of where to sting as a beginner. I continued to sting up and down my spine, and as my cognitive issues diminished, I was able to experiment on acupuncture points to fine tune my healing.

I credit Amber’s book for giving me the confidence to stick with BVT, trust my intuition, and above all, to do it safely and effectively. Without it, I don’t think I would have had the courage to continue on my own. Recently, I had the opportunity to thank Amber and to let her know the crucial role she and her book played in my recovery.

Shortly after I began to use BVT, I noticed that I was waking up feeling refreshed and the ache all over my body gradually went away. For two and a half years I woke up feeling like I had been hit by a truck and felt as if I had not slept in years. I slept day and night, but it was never enough. After six months, I was very satisfied with my results. I stopped stinging, but continued to use the other bee products. Whenever I felt I was slipping, I would start another round of BVT. Each time I started, I would have a “healing crisis” and each time, more symptoms disappeared. At one point I decided to continue stinging even though I had no symptoms and felt “normal”. This round of BVT lasted two years. After I stopped stinging, I was in remission from all symptoms for six years . Six years ago, when I started to feel more tired and achy, I resumed BVT. I have been stinging every other day since then. I probably could sting once a week for maintenance, but I really don’t mind getting stung. I actually look forward to my sting sessions. It is such a small price to pay for feeling alive–a feeling I thought was gone forever!

The term neuro-immune disease (NID) refers to a group of illnesses that are the result of acquired dysregulation of both the immune system and the nervous system, often resulting in lifelong disease and disability. These chronic diseases are on the rise in the United States:

1 in 300 suffers from ME and CFS
1 in 150 suffers from fibromyalgia
1 in 88 children has an autism spectrum disorder
Lyme disease is a fast growing epidemic and many sufferers go on to develop a chronic illness similar to ME and CFS
225,000 of the 600,000 service men from the 1991 Gulf War have a multisymptom illness similar to ME and CFS called Gulf War illness (GWI)

Grace Madden, R.N.:

Amber Rose is a saint and is always there when I need her. She is my hero. I cannot believe how God sent her into my life. She is such a role model for me. She has that kind of love in action that people cling to for hope. Love will always win and Amber shows pure love. She is the best and has helped so many people. I feel so blessed by her and blessed to have her book “Bee in Balance.” It is worth every penny. And we are fortunate enough to have her on all the BVT – Lyme Facebook pages. She is saving us thousands of dollars in medical costs, ineffective treatments, and prolonged illness. To be taught to do BVT on oneself free of charge is an UNBELIEVABLE gift. Amber Rose has years of experience, and is highly educated. I don’t know of any other professional who gives away so much time and energy free of charge. I find it very inspirational. I looked into having an apitherapist treat me before I heard of Amber and these Facebook pages. It was $200.00 for the initial interview and then a weekly fee, as well as waiting in her office 3x per week for the stinging, as well as driving half an hour to get there. Just think how much you are saving by learning to do it yourself! This is so significant. You are taking your health into your own hands.

It has only been about 3 months since I started BVT! People ask me if I am feeling better? And I tell them “Yes, most definitely!” I have better focus, better memory, better energy, and more stamina!!!!! I am snowballing uphill rather than downhill. I am so grateful for Amber and the bees.

Patty Preston:

I can NOT express enough to everyone, near and far, how amazing and potent this honey bee venom is. Since finally being properly diagnosed in 2013, when I unfortunately had gotten re-infected with Lyme and also two common co-infections Babesia & Bartonella after finding a tick bite, I’ve tried various treatments including oral, intravenous, & intramuscular antibiotics, herbal supplements/oils such as Byron White formulas, Cats Claw, Japanese knotwood, Green Dragon Botanicals and too many more to mention, natural essential oils, some dietary changes, all to no avail. I had some improvements with my PICC line but still suffered from debilitating crushing fatigue, neuropathy of hands & feet, blurred vision, and memory loss/cognitive decline and learned that my Lyme had caused an autoimmune disease known as Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis that is most times irreversible. This was all after 3 years since mid 2009 of being misdiagnosed or rather undiagnosed with a variety of vague, mysterious symptoms which ranged from chronic fatigue syndrome to tongue numbness after a root canal then extraction, jaw/neck/back pain, drenching night sweats, chill to the bone, thyroid dysfunction, anxiety/depression, and chronic strep throat just to name a few.

I could go on and on about the journey I embarked on trying to battle this devastating disease but I’ll share my short version LOL. Having had more sensitive and reliable testing months later revealed I did indeed have acute (active) Lyme disease from this more recent bite but had also been exposed prior with test results confirming I also had late stage (latent) chronic Lyme disease which is why I presented with late stage symptoms the second time around. I had no recollection of a previous bite or bulls eye rash except for a possibly self diagnosed & self treated ‘ring worm’ rash on my face several years before. After finally getting confirmation in 2013 that I had late stage Lyme Disease, I would learn I also had Babesia & Bartonella and had a PICC line placed from May till Jan. As soon as it was removed, I started to relapse and was feeling hopeless. All my symptoms were worsening again, some returning with a vengeance, and I started to feel like this would be my life, a living nightmare and eventually cause an early death.

By the grace of God and being so consumed and obsessed with a search for a cure, I read an update by an amazing woman who was spreading awareness about BVT aka Bee Venom Therapy. I have to admit, I thought she and the others trying this alternative treatment were nut jobs for inflicting pain on themselves as a remedy. I researched everything I could about BVT for 5 months, joined the bee venom groups, read others’ successful journeys with BVT, and was quite intrigued by all the anecdotal evidence and compelled by the other BVTers’ outcomes. My fear of stings really discouraged me from jumping on board and I sat on the fence for almost 6 months.

But I was becoming desperate and after discussing this with my LLMD and getting him on board, I felt I had nothing to lose and if I didn’t experience any improvement, it would be just another failed attempt at healing my Lyme and I could quit. I was also fearful because I had some genetic testing done which indicated I had a genetic gene mutation known as MTHFR c677t , great I’m a mutant now LOL MTHFR c667t basically hinders my detox pathways, causes malabsorption of vital minerals & essential nutrients & vitamins, and causes more susceptibility to various chronic diseases, heart disease, and cancers. Not the news I wanted to hear but knowing this vital info allowed me to increase my efforts to detox the die-off properly including Epsom salt baths, specific supplements, apple cider vinegar shots daily, and infrared sauna.

In March 2015, Friday the 13th to be exact BOOHAHA, LOL, after 1.5 years of failed treatments, I tried my first stings and embarked on my own BVT journey. Within an hour of my first sting, I could already feel an immediate response. I got a surge of energy for hours and was completely off my rocker giddy with joy and excitement??? Feelings I hadn’t had in a very long time. So I waited 48hrs and did 2 more stings, and to my surprise, I again experienced this euphoria and mood lifting. It seemed almost too good to be true but it had awakened me from this death like coma I had been living in for 5 years. The following week I ramped my stings to 4 stings each session and had a noticeable difference in my stamina/energy, my neuropathy, joint pain, constant fatigue, mental clarity, and again lifted my depression. I could feel all my senses awaken one by one from my taste buds, to my hearing, smell, and my vision and sense of touch were improving as well. Well into my third week ramping stings by 2’s each session, I felt hope for a bright future again. All my symptoms were gradually improving and I was overjoyed with starting to feel like my old self again.

I’m happy to admit, now well into my 4th month of BVT, doing 10-14 stings each session 3x’s a week M/W/F, I am 90% better and living life again. It’s enabled me to be active and social again, be the mother and wife I want to be, and not just be a spectator in life or lying in a dark lonely place every second in pain and despair. My recent labs also indicated my thyroid is functioning again and reversing my Hashimoto’s disease. Bee Venom Rocks!

My hope is that anyone who has experienced themselves or knows of anyone else suffering from any infectious or neurological diseases like Lyme disease/MS/ALS/Lupus/Parkinson’s, any auto-immune diseases, persistent infections, chronic pain, Rheumatoid diseases, Fibromyalgia, CFS, HIV/AIDS, STDs, and even cancers, tries this alternative holistic therapy. It kills every known pathogen, bacteria, virus, and infection in your body thus getting to the root cause of your aliments and eliminating or improving your symptoms. It doesn’t have to be forever either. I will follow the protocol for Lyme for 2-3 years as directed and can expect full recovery, not just remission with high rates of relapses. This seems lengthy but it pales in comparison to having to treat and maintain remission of Lyme for a lifetime with methods that have failed me time and again and depleted my bank account. BVT is not only the most effective treatment I’ve tried, it’s also the most cost effective! It’s simple and I can do it in the privacy of my own home. I no longer have to swallow handfuls of capsules morning, noon, and night, timing them with meals and spacing the supplements apart and consume my entire day and night wasting thousands of dollars. BVT has given me my life back and I have the control now, not Big Pharma.

UPDATE: Hapbee to report a 10 lb weight loss as of recently. My thyroid is functioning again as shown in recent labs after suffering from Hashimoto’s thyroiditis due to Lyme Disease. BVT is balancing my metabolism, hormones, and I believe healing my gut as my digestive issues have deceased with candida overload. Thank you BVT. Also noted is my hair is growing in thicker with new noticeable baby hairs all curly??? ..where I previously had “see through bangs” and unarguable hair loss due to a failing thyroid. Is unarguable even a word? For a minute there, I thought my brain fog was sneaking back in. LOL.Follow my journey at #2015BVTChallengePattyPreston.

N. Rabin:

I wanted to thank Dr. Rose for sharing so much of herself with me and my patients. She is a very special and remarkable woman whose giving is actually palpable. Amber exudes what she is and it ripples into the room, her needles and her bees. It is very rare to come across someone who is such a gifted listener and witness. She goes in as deeply as she is invited and people are naturally inclined to let her in because she expresses such kindness. Everyone of my patients felt her warm rays and she was truly appreciated, and always so colorful! I am so thankful for this precious time we shared together. I have learned so much, most importantly to “be the needle or the bee.” And just BEE what’s needed!


Amber Rose turns suffering into gold! ~ Transformational alchemy is the true meaning of Forever Amber Rose! Immemorial sap…hardened into a beautiful jewel that lives on forever! Seek her out! Carry her around in your heart. Learn her secrets. Heal your soul!

Rev.Lorena D. Gonzalez, MS, L.Ac.:

To this day. I have never felt energy the way I did after receiving life from a bee. Amazing. If you ever want a demo model just let me know.

Shonagh Home: Author, Teacher, Public Speaker

Amber Rose is a walking treasure trove of wisdom and knowledge regarding the powerful practice of bee venom therapy (BVT). She couples her wealth of experience as an accomplished acupuncturist with BVT – applying bees to meridian points along the body for optimum healing effects. I consider her to be the real thing – a modern medicine woman who possesses integrity, humility and warmth, along with a keen sense of how to heal the body effectively. I am deeply grateful for the time I have spent learning from this incredible healer.

Debie Elder:

I’ve suffered with fibromyalgia since 1984, for over 30 years. My symptoms have been all over the map during that time. I’ve had “brain fog” or cognitive issues, cardiac issues, vertigo, malnutrition, intractable pain, neuropathy, loss of sleep, poor sleep quality, muscle stiffness, tendon/connective tissue damage, visual imbalances, ringing in the ears, TMJ disorder, hypoglycemia, inflammation of the appendix, and many other symptoms. My weight dropped 45 pounds, which highlights just how serious the infection causing malnutrition was for me.

The fatigue, inability to think clearly, uncontrollable pain, and depression started after a work-related injury in 1984. I was officially diagnosed with fibromyalgia syndrome in 1991. My chronic pain had been so serious during this time that it was managed for 15 years with opiate medications. My body felt like it was turning into stone, which I like to call “walking rigor mortis.” Over the years, I have seen 39 doctors and taken 63 pharmaceuticals. All used to mask my unbearable symptoms. In fact, many made me sicker with toxic fillers, and all of them certainly made me poorer. The drugs all had awful side effects. All this was frustrating, difficult, and had an adverse impact on every single aspect of my life. It reduced my earning potential and caused me to be fully disabled and on food stamps. None of this treatment offered me healing and my condition was progressive, worsening all the time.

While fibromyalgia syndrome provided a name for these cluster symptoms, the actual underlying cause was infections. Lyme disease and multiple co-infections may present in a wide array of symptoms. It’s amazing that I wasn’t offered a proper test for Lyme disease. It only cost $260 with Igenex Labs. All of this could have been avoided had any one of my doctors properly tested me for Lyme disease and its co-infections along the way.

There was a turning point, when a friend of mine said, “Deb. You have Lyme.” From there, I found out why I had become increasingly sick. That’s an understatement, because I nearly died from cardiovascular complications the summer of 2013. My tachycardia heart rhythms were akin to a heavy metal band, banging away. I felt as though I had a chest wall injury from the impact of my heart slamming against the walls. I carried and used nitroglycerin pills all the time. Some events took up to 6 to settle my heart. This was a frightening time, not knowing if I was gonna drop dead at any moment. My POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) was bad too, I passed out several times from the low pressures. The arteries I could see on the back of my head were wide and relaxed, and they looked 3 times larger.

Once I had an indicative Igenex test result, I had a direction. Finally I felt I was healing. I was excited to talk to the right doctors, and it turns out I did have Lyme disease. I broke through the glass ceiling of the medical community. Or so I thought . . . but on March 3, 2014 my journey had me on an Amtrak train headed to the Bay area to see one of the top LLMDs in the country! While I knew through my friend that I had this disease, I was officially diagnosed, and was told I had very late-stage Lyme disease. We also got a positive Igenex Babesia test for the West Coast version.

With my deeper research into Lyme, I now feel it’s likely that I’m a congenital patient, and that would mean I have had this since 1961. In addition my 23andme DNA test results indicated, I have 8 major and 8 minor genetic defects. I’m a perfect storm for death, certainly a great deal of suffering, frustration, expense and loss of life’s experiences.

That brings me to the most important part of this journey–my treatment–which really excites me to discuss and share with others. I did a happy dance when treatment was about to begin. I was ready for healing. I wanted to save my life, rid my body of all of the viruses, parasites and bacteria that were residing within it. I have wanted to go back to work. I have goals, projects, and family. I don’t want to spend my time on the sofa wasting away. I want to experience the outdoors, the ocean, and interactions with other people. My treatment involved a commitment of 3 years or more, but I want my life back. I want to be healthy, happy, and pain-free. So that commitment is worth it!

I started stinging with bees on September 8, 2014. I did one sting per session, three times a week for the first month. After that first month passed, I increased my stings by one at each session, as tolerated. It took me 3 months to get up to 10-stings per session. That’s where you really begin to target the Lyme bacterium. They are not only some of the smartest bacteria known to mankind with their shape shifting abilities, but they’re tough and resilient!

When I herxed, which was mild for me, I’d back off my stings when needed. It’s paramount to learn to manage herxing, but if you follow the protocol, it can be done! I drink fresh lemon/Celtic Sea Salt water all day long to keep my detox pathways open. After about 4 months, I began to sting my arms and legs. I began at my hips and then moved into my knees. I did about 10-sting sessions on my leg, which had Neuropathy Pain and that brought 90% or more relief. My restless legs are much improved also!

At 6 months I stung my head. Even some of my teachers had not tried this but read about it. I went for it. This certainly is a more advanced form of BVT only for the well prepared patient who never stings more than 4 times to the head/session. But I wanted to treat my head. I tried the hairline above my eyebrows, two stings. The venom migrated down my face, merged between my eyes and flowed into my cheeks. I did swell for 2 days. I had puffy eyes and skin. No pain, but I could feel it working! Later I went to the nerve feeding my face. I’ve some facial palsy on my left side (a symptom of Lyme). The nerves felt like I was growing a new face, really amazing. This treatment has nearly cleared my brain fog and cognition issues. The floaters in my eyes are gone and I can be in the sun with no shades. Apamin, a component of bee venom, does penetrate the blood brain barrier.

After I complete my infection treatment period of 3 years, I will step down my regular stings to weekly. I’m intending to continue well after I obtain remission. I see this as an insurance against re-infection, because we know these pathogens are on the rise. This seems a prudent means of retaining my health as I go back into the world and the outdoors. It’s a way of life for me.

This is a highly effective form of treatment which most any patient can afford. I was spending $32 per month for my mail order bees and treating at home. I keep my bees in a Bee Buddy, or short-term housing unit. The neat feature of bee venom is its healing powers. I’m recovering. My hormones have balanced, my pain has dropped, my cardiac symptoms have ended, and now I sleep well for 6 to 7 hours and bounce out of bed in the morning.

I’m getting my life back. I have control of my healing. Best of all my sense of humor is restored. This feels great. If I can get better in mere months of treatment, anyone can! As of July 2015, I’ve done more than 950 stings over some 10 months, and I am tending my own beehive & bees and helping teach others. I have many groups, the main one called Apitherapy to treat Lyme & Co-infections Eugene OR, and you are welcome to come there to begin your healing journey. I encourage chronically sick & pain patients of all types to take the BVT challenge.

Anyone, with one click of the mouse, can see my entire journey at: ‪#‎DiveGirlDeb2015BVTChallenge on Facebook. This is a miraculous treatment, and it’s an affordable one that can benefit not just patients but their families. I never want anyone else to endure what I’ve been through. That’s why I am paying it forward and dedicating myself to this cause and helping others treat with bees.

I’m in the process of forming a new Non-Profit, The Flippin Lyme Foundation. With it, we will help teach Chronically Sick patients about Bee Venom Therapy. To find my videos on ‘Bee School for Lymies’ visit Youtube or our BlogTalkRadio show series, search for Flippin Lyme. Contact us at: To all of you who are just starting BVT or those of you on the fence, here is a little encouragement that I recently wrote on a FB page:

“I love the baby BVTers! I miss those days of firsts….how fun it is this process of discovery, this ability to finally have your health in your own hands. Ya all have me grinning with you. Enjoy the journey; you’ll likely never bee this sick again….”
Hugs to you all, with love, especially Amber Rose. She is a true gem and I love her. She’s a gift to our community.

Jennifer Lanett, DC:

I love BVT! What a blessing! In just the first week of treatment I noticed much more energy. I went from needing to nap after working only 3 hours in my chiropractic office to being able to work a full 9- 5 day, without a nap.

Much greater clarity of mind was the second thing I noticed. I found I could be attentive and think clearly as I spoke to patients. Also, my immune system function improved greatly too as my CD-57 blood lab marker doubled in the first 3 months!

I began to crave the venom, as I always felt improved on ‘sting day’ in my office.

I no longer felt as if I would have to close my practice. And I started to share my experience with everyone who walked into the office. Altogether my personal and professional life have been transformed by bee venom therapy, especially since becoming acquainted with Amber Rose and her invaluable book “Bee in Balance.”

Jennifer Brown:

There are two types of beekeepers, one that has a sincere desire to aid in the well being of the hive by being in tune with the hive, and one that uses the hive strictly as a means to make money. The former will not only be more concerned about the hive’s health, he also may desire not to be called a beekeeper but more importantly a “bee-haver.” It is our privilege as humans to be able to have bees and be a part of what THEY can teach us. For me, the bees have played a huge role in keeping me alive.

For nearly 30 years I lived as an undiagnosed Lyme patient. I have received the occasional sting and the not so occasional mass colony stingings as they taught me how to become a proper bee-haver. I learned immediately about the healing properties of venom as my first knuckle sting alleviated the arthritic pain I had been dealing with for several years.

Lyme completely took over my body in 2013. I could no longer function as a normal active human with an awake schedule from 7am-10pm. I developed excruciating joint pain and started self-stinging to control the pain. In 2015, I received the official Lyme diagnosis. After researching, I began my own bee venom therapy plan, as my only hope to live a somewhat normal life. After several months of stinging and improving, I seemed to plateau. That is when God placed Amber Rose in my life. Using her teaching methods of the 5 Elements, I changed my ritual back sting points to more precise stings, correlating with the damaged meridian lines and organs that were associated with those lines.

I immediately began feeling the next level of improvement. I have regained a near normal life, thanks to the easy to follow “Bee in Balance” guidelines and the one on one help of Amber. As I improved, I met many people around me who also had long-term illnesses that were only being medically managed. As Lyme was only supposed to be “manageable,” I knew BVT could offer them what Amber has helped to offer me. She even volunteered to be my mentor, which was the second turning point of hope in healing and in learning to be a better bee venom therapist.

I began stinging other patients, and as these people shared their success with others, I am now getting calls from all over. People with managed chronic pain are begging for help. I am even treating my own horse, A. R., who tore his meniscus in his right stifle. After the first bee venom treatment, he began bearing weight on that leg which the vet said would take weeks. It is with great pride and immense humility that I tell people I am a bee-haver. And thinking quietly to myself, how can I ever fully explain the mystery that these honey bees have helped keep me and others like me alive. With sincere thanks, love and gratitude, I will forever be indebted to Amber Rose. I am astounded to have the opportunity to help myself and others confidently, bee-ing mentored by the best, and by a fellow bee-ha! And I just love her book, “Bee in Balance.”

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